Narrating Polluted Tales of Delhi

by Aug 21, 2022Environment, Permanculture0 comments

This video was conceptualized & created in the year 2019 for the occasion of World Environment Day 2019. “Every year, 5th June is witnessed to celebrate World Environment Day, a United Nation’s principal vehicle for encouraging awareness and action for the protection of our environment. The World Environment Day is hosted by different countries on different themes of environmental protection, annually. This year China is a host for World Environment Day celebration, presenting the most pressing issue of the globe and especially of Southeast Asia regions i.e. ‘Air Pollution’. On the occasion of World Environment Day 2019, I, Aarushi Tanwar has collaborated with a dear friend Bibek Kumar Das, who himself is an artist & a photographer. And we have made an attempt to present our personal life stories affected by Delhi’s air pollution as a resident and a migrant respectively. In this story media, we incorporated our visualization of environment with respect to its current state and the future state for which we all are contributing at massive pace. Through this small contribution we hope to encourage people around us to start recognizing air pollution as a major problem at first and then sensitizing their children, family, friends and relatives about the same because indeed air pollution is a silent killer for which we must awake citizen science to bring larger impact through smaller changes in our lifestyles.” As we believe, “Change is a byproduct in the process!”


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