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Let’s walk together in my world where curiosity and empathy are friends.

About Me

Hi there!

Welcome to my learning space, I’m Aarushi – an Environmentalist in Progress. I love to work for the betterment of our environment, communities and climate at large. And I’m on a mission to simplify the science of climate change and communicate it effectively to young minds, through interactive visual spaces, storytelling workshops and creating immersive experiences which will shift their behaviours leading to climate action. Enjoy scrolling through a repository of my work!

What inspired me?

In 2018, when I started my environmental conscious journey, everything seemed like a ‘herculean task’ but I never stopped questioning myself and my actions. Then, DOWH (Dawn of Why & How) happened – I gave a name to my environmental journey! And ever since, I have been feeding my hungry mind with the knowledge beyond β€˜what?’ β€” that helped me bring positive change!



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