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NgRx is the default state state-management library for Angular. It’s simple and flexible, and, as a result, a lot depends on how you use it. Victor helps a lot of enterprise companies build large Angular applications with NgRx, and in this talk he will share some of the best practices and patterns that work well.

  • Writing mobile apps is hard enough, but when you need to include an integrated web site with your native mobile app, things really get crazy.
  • Everyone who has worked with Angular knows that it gets slower the more expressions and watches you have on a page.
  • Geoff related his experience building Plnkr, a tool for creating, collaborating on and sharing web development ideas, starting with no knowledge of programming.
  • This talk will explain the design philosophy that was followed to create an AngularJS grid that is lightning fast, yet AngularJS compatible.
  • The first day and the second day keynote talks both provided lots of good information.
  • With two tracks of talks, two tracks of Q&A, one track of unconference talks, and countless hallway conversations, it was one of the biggest tech conferences I’ve ever attended.

Everyone who has worked with Angular knows that it gets slower the more expressions and watches you have on a page. That is becuase of a number of factors, including the template syntax, the role of the digest cycle, and two-way databinding. Ng-Vegas is the premier Angular conference that will be held at The Westin Lake Las Vegas Resort on May 7-8, 2015. Join industry experts, Angular team members, and passionate individuals at this event. We’ll study a sexy way to display multiple kinds of input fields. We’ll analyse different strategies to validate them in a hierarchical, structured and scalable way, providing real time contextual feedback to the user in order to keep the best UX possible.

Also, it’s everyone’s responsibility to make their products and services accessible regardless of the industry. Accessibility benefits everyone and not just those with disabilities – including businesses who can improve their bottom lines due to having more happy and loyal customers. Most Angular applications need to customize their display, features and behaviour depending on multiple and complex criteria serving different use cases like white-labeling, A/B testing or progressive deployment. We explore how to split large projects into individually reusable npm packages and how to deploy them through an internal and public registry. As an alternative, we discuss the Monorepo approach that is used successfully by big companies like Google and Facebook and which compensates for some of the disadvantages of npm packages in internal projects.

Day One (

Then came development servers, and transpilers, and assemblers, and everything was a mess of plugins. This talk walks you through what a build system is, how it helps you organize your software development flow, and what properties to look for in a good build system. Design systems and pattern libraries help designers and developers to get a common understanding Web Application Penetration Testing: Steps, Methods, & Tools of user interfaces. But even with such tools in place, there’s a ton of processes and handovers involved. This might lead to new features feeling outdated on release, and screens and mock-ups getting too old too fast. Anyone who is working on a new Angular app today will have to think about how to migrate to Angular 2 in the near future.

Enterprise applications built on AngularJS typically have a data grid at their core. If you use AngularJS patterns all the way, your application can suffer in performance. This talk will explain the design philosophy that was followed to create an AngularJS grid that is lightning fast, yet AngularJS compatible. Such designs can be used to build other reusable components going forward, giving What is a Full-Stack Developer A Complete 2022 Guide foundations for great AngularJS applications. I felt like there was this big lack—all these kids were going into front-end development, but they didn’t have experience with building big apps and the importance of software engineering practices. Blocking the main thread of an application, causing frame drops, is one of the most efficient ways to get rid of a significant portion of our users.

angular conferences 2015

Many apps can install ngUpgrade and begin rewriting components, but it’s not so easy when those components make up a library that is used by several teams to power their production apps. Instead of rewriting everything at once, this talk shares how we first created a common interface with custom elements, and then upgraded one component at a time to Angular Elements. We made sponsors a part of the conference so that the people that came in actually got value from the sponsors and enjoyed talking to the sponsors, which made them a real integral part of the conference. That and we just wanted to have fun, so we had a much bigger party than most conferences. Not all, but a lot of conferences do big parties, but we did a much bigger party and we planned a lot of fun events. Joe is discussing the pros and cons of dependency injection vs service location with the ng-conf Unicorn.

Crossing Across Platforms

After the session, everyone will give their own answer on what’s easier to start with, which library is simpler to use, which resulting PWA is more convenient to maintain. has emerged as a strong competitor to Protractor and WebDriver. It has a unique set of features that make it a great choice for end to end testing with Angular.

angular conferences 2015

Before, the team said that they would only support “evergreen” browsers . But, thanks to work in the community, browser support how now been extended all the way back to IE 9. In the keynote session of AngularConnect in London, Brad Green gave attendees a status update on the Angular 2 project.

Forms are a staple of any application, but they can be complex to build. Learn how to leverage Angular’s new forms module to simplify your forms code. We’ll review both template-driven forms and reactive forms, from beginner to more advanced use cases. Angular Material aims to give you the components you need to build a quality app in no time at all.

In this talk, we’ll cover how new web component standards, like Custom Elements, handle this. Next, we’ll walk through how to accomplish it today in Angular 1.x – and bring it all together into what a solution will look like in upcoming Angular 2. Minification used to be a topic for library developers who distribute a foo-min.js script for users to drop into their page. With ES6 modules, we can do better, by minifying the entire application along with its dependencies into a single .js bundle.

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In this session, we will see how to write tests against our Angular apps, and leverage the power of If these sessions were the Setting the environment variables in Heroku Complete Python Web Course meat though, the related events were the toppings. The events where very cognizant of their audience, and were conducive to networking.

ES2015 modules are here to stay and Angular2 fully embraces them. Your applications can also take advantage of the new module system to better structure large code-bases, load modules on demand, avoid names collision etc. The aspect-oriented programming comes with a solution for such “cross-cutting concerns”. It is already widely used in the Java world, in AspectJ and Spring. In my talk I will bring the aspect-oriented programming paradigm to Angular. I’ll explain how to deal with duplications and make our code more maintainable using AOP with the new ECMAScript 7 decorators’ syntax.

Core team member Alex Rickabaugh will give a tour of Angular’s more advanced features, tricks, and patterns. It’s been two years since NgUpgrade was first introduced, and there are thousands of companies upgrading from AngularJS to Angular, developing new patterns and best practices. Elana has spent the last six months digging deeply into the experience of migration from AngularJS to Angular, talking with developers and companies from all over the community. She will share her insights about the challenges and success that come with the various tools and strategies. Traditionally, we’ve built web apps with little more than a few files scattered around the disk.

If you are stuck maintaining such an application, like I was, this talk will help you to incrementally add ES6 and Redux to your application to make it modern and maintainable. In this talk we’ll explore how and where animations in Angular 2.0 are going and how the framework has evolved to take on these challenges. In this talk, you will learn what the Angular DevKit is, how to customize the CLI with Schematics, how the new build system works and why this can help you as a member of the Angular community. In the official, open-source, Angular documentation viewer, each document page is a unique blend of HTML content and Angular components​ drawn from a widget toolbox.

Angular Material Data Table

With our recent move to Angular and Sketch, we were able to automate 70% of our UI development. Helping our developers to focus on the real problems, and reducing the UI review efforts tremendously. Join us and see how we produce a single source of truth for developers and designers, and how we are able to consume this source in our tool of choice. Green started the keynote by reassuring developers of Google’s commitment to Angular 1. At a previous conference, he said that they would gauge where to spend their time based on traffic to the Angular 1 website vs. the Angular 2 website. For now, 93% of the traffic is still on Angular 1, though the remaining 7% surprised him.

There is still no release date, but a beta is just around the corner. Kai Waehner explores different architectures and their trade-offs for transactional and analytical workloads. Real-world examples include financial services, retail, and the automotive industry. Manage your academic events with the all-inclusive event management platform. Features include Attendees Registration, Ticket Payments, Abstract Submissions, Peer Reviews and Program Scheduler. Angular has been very active with other open-source projects, emphasizing that cooperation is better than competition in their eyes.


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